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My face when I woke up in Bali – Indonesia.
Okay.. Maybe I had some more bags under my eyes, but still..

The last weeks were hectic with packing boxes, working and finishing projects, moving furniture, arranging everything that comes with moving abroad, Christmas dinners and lot’s of goodbyes. 

As you might understand it never goes completely smooth. There were many things I was struggling with in the meantime:

– Requesting to keep my phone number from the telephone provider, which failed a million times (FYI: luckily my Dutch number still works)

– A couch that had to go over the balcony, through my flatmates window and down to the first floor. Which had to be done by some guys that just couldn’t see how that would work. The positive note: I have gained some extra muscles to be able to carry all the luggage around.

– The stress of writing the work handovers. I would like to leave them behind as complete as possible. I can’t help feeling there might be something missing. Sorry boss!

– Dilemma’s: what to bring and mostly what not to bring. 

– Gaining weight because I had a bit too much of all the Dutch candies, cause yeah.. I’m a sweet tooth and getting Oliebollen in Australia will be tough. So why not enjoy the dough ball with a massive layer of sugar every time you have the chance. Totally worth it! 

– Organising a goodbye dinner on the ‘third’ Christmas day, expecting cancellations, but then everyone then manages to show: Where to have them seated? What would the menu be like? Should I just order MC Donalds? 😳 Luckily the dinner was a success, as in: a 3-course Italian meal, loads of wine, karaoke and going to bed at 05:30 in the morning. I hope the songs were my neighbour’s taste, cause they certainly got a free show all night long. 

– Two weeks of speed dating with everyone, because there’s just not enough hours in a day. Chilling on the couch wasn’t really part of my daily routine anymore. (Might also be because the couch turned into one big gap at that moment and that is way less comfortable.)

– Questions like: Should I buy another bottle of laundry cleaner or just steal a bit from my roommate? I am curious if he noticed, but at least he knows now. 

At some point it was done. It was time to leave for Schiphol and sit in the plane doing absolutely nothing. I have never felt more appreciation than being at Schiphol with people I love. 

After two long, very long flights I arrived in Bali. Even though it was still a 4,5 hour drive to the North of the island we managed to make it in time for the New Years eve. @Lisa: thank you for listening to my snoring in the car! Or as you say: “it was cute.” You’re too kind.

Best wishes to all of you! May you also do the things you love in the coming year. 

Claiming as many hugs and kisses as possible.

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