Waking in up in Bali as the start of 2020 was not so bad. Happy to finally have gotten some sleep and then waking up with the rays of sun shining on the swimming pool, catching up with my friends , our lovely private chef Made preparing an Indonesian meal and then going for a dip in a holy hot spring. What better way to start the year. All of this better bring some good luck! And.. if you are ever planning on going to Bali, don’t forget Made. Seriously: Made’s homemade krupuk was something I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the year. I wish I could take this amazing lady with me.


Travelling the island clockwise starting North with 6 French people, 2 Dutchies and 1 American was great fun. Eating Nasi Goreng any time of the day, swimming/snorkelling/surfing on beautiful beaches, temple visits and driving around on scooters is quite cool. Although, only when you don’t drop the scooter on your foot…. Like I did…. Oopsies. Other than this, I swear I am a good driver! Really. 😉

Going to Bali was a great way to unwind. I’ve also never been more close to my ultimate goal: being in Australia. Literally, it’s only a few hours away. Something really has to go wrong if I am not going to make it to Australia at this stage. Maybe another scooter incident, but let’s not jinx this will happen. Anyways. In the video some beautiful things I have seen.

Some wise words on a toilet door.


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