Only 20 days to go and I will be sitting on a plane towards Bali, Indonesia. Where I will arrive on the 31st of December; just in time to cheers to the new year. I have the chance to meet my friends in Bali; one couple that came all the way from Australia and another couple that are travelling the world together and will continue to do so for the upcoming year. Weird that the next time I will see them it will be 12098KM from here. The world seems so small all of a sudden, even it’s insanely big. It’s quite a comforting thought that I know people all over the world.  

For me this will be a great start to the new year. The only thing I hope, and I don’t want to jinx it right now, is that that the mosquito’s won’t lay their eyes (or rather their needles) on me. It seems they always know how to find me. This morning I heard that my friend got the Dengue virus and now I just keep my fingers crossed
that this won’t happen to me. 
A picture taken like a real tourist on a bridge in Amsterdam. I will definitely miss this view every morning.
This trip to Bali is the start of a bigger adventure: moving to Australia.I am sometimes wondering: “What the heck are you doing, Lianne?”. Moving to literally the other side of the world, with no certainty of having an income, roof over your head or a specific plan for the future. I simply don’t have a plan, because I don’t know what is next for me. I would like to challenge myself and gain experience and knowledge. It might be the stupidest thing I have ever done and I might have a blind spot (or a ‘bord voor je kop’ as we say in Dutch) for the risks I am taking, but at the same time I strongly believe you learn from new experiences. I just have to keep in mind that whether it will go wrong or right, both won’t ever be really wrong cause I tried. I can tell you: this small rhyme wasn’t on purpose and has nothing to do with ‘Sinterklaas’ that was celebrated in Holland last week. Although I’m happy that I could still enjoy my fair share of “kruidnoten” and “chocoladeletters” before I leave.   

In these last 20 days I am in full appreciation mode of everything I need to say goodbye to: me being a project manager at D/DOCK, my family and friends, the city of Amsterdam and just everything that made me who I am today. A more confident lady than the shy kid I used to be, that now dares to take decisions like these. A girl that makes fun of herself (yeah I can tell you: my double chin brings all the boys to the yard, damn right it’s better than yours) and wants everyone to feel good. Even though I am fully aware of the step I’m taking, I do feel like this step is a bit blurred due to everything happening here. It feels super unnatural to leave everything and everyone behind. And in the end: I don’t know what to expect and therefore I will just have to let go and see what happens. Letting go and just winging it, while being a project manager, is the scariest thing of all. 

My future is of course not a complete blank dot on the horizon. The people around me know about my ambitions and my constant drive to set bigger goals. For Australia I also have a (even though it’s super flexible) plan. Taking care of the environment is an ongoing big topic and with that comes a rise of eco-hospitality, sustainable products, new processes and awareness. My aim is to gain more knowledge on these topics, especially in construction. I am expecting this will be useful in my career and to eventually be able to give back to the world. Even if I have to start as a construction worker painting walls, drilling holes or just cleaning the construction site, I see huge benefits as I will take information with me that are valuable for taking next steps. Yes, yes, Bob. I mean.. Li the builder at your service! 

Now I will focus on getting through these weeks of preparing (insurances, registration, cleaning, moving, organization: the fun stuff. *AHUM*) and then be completely open to whatever is coming my way. 

Please reserve a couch in case I do end up on the streets somewhere in the outback and only able to pay for a one-way ticket back to The Netherlands. 

Lots of love,
Panicking, but trying to keep my head cool….

6 thoughts on “#1 THE BLIND SPOT

  1. Hé Lianne wat spannend allemaal 😃
    Ik wens je het allerbeste daar in het mooie Australië 🇦🇺 Een heel Mooi land dat weten wij uit ervaring 😃😃en ook een heel groot land, waar ga je heen ?
    Groetjes en een “hele goede reis 🧳 “van Rob en mij Sandra ) 👋👋💋


  2. Hoi Lianne
    Ik zag net de foto’s van je vertrek gestuurd door Marit. Je zit nu in het vliegtuig. Nou meid alvast de beste wensen voor 2020. Dit wordt zeker weten jouw jaar!
    Groetjes Arendina


  3. Hi Lianne, that was a beautiful singing! We finally made you sing a song for us.
    That was good night, it was to see you.

    Keep singing!

    Love, Sayuz,


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