Many people asked me if I was safe when I arrived in Ozzy. The bushfires have been all over the news and a lot of families had to flee their homes. However, bushfires have been a thing in Australia for a long time now, only this time the scale had way more impact. Luckily, it was safe where I was and other than some foods disappearing from the shelves and many fundraisers, it was not really noticeable. What I did notice was the bad rains we had after, that resulted in flooding and massive hailstorms. Even then, no golfball sized hail has hit my head. Thank goodness. It is sad to realise people are still picking up the pieces.

how am I so serious with a champagne in my hand?

it’s not right.

As I told you before, it has been a rollercoaster ride with job hunting and little did I know that something good would come from all those weather events. I had to be more creative with finding a job, so I went to a few events: Future Females and the circular economy by the World’s Biggest Garage Sale. A friend recommended to join the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. All of them helped meeting new people. It’s a bit like a chain reaction and it is definitely worth the time.Thanks for that! I became aware that the most ordinary things can be valuable. Going into a hair salon and then after 1 second being recognized as Dutch, because one of the ladies has a Dutch husband. Who then gave me tips, tricks and wanted my business card to help me out. I felt a bit lost in this new country and unsure about the moves I was making, but I’ve learned that just going out there does accelerate your network and your chances. And that sure has a big impact on how you feel about a location.

And wow, how things can change in a second. In all of a sudden I got a call on a Monday at 1pm. The question: if I could scan documents within the hour and send them through for a job that would start the day after at 8am in Northern Brisbane. Challenge accepted, I would say. No printer closeby (it’s not something you pack) and no car in my possession just yet (impossible to pack). I managed to print, sign, scan in time and pick up my new car at 5pm. Driving on the other side of the road got me shaking from adrenaline and my first job in Ozzy got me excited. It was certainly an eventful day.

The next day it was all about the bushfires, floods and hail storms. Starting as a consultant at an insurance company, surely gives insight in the aftermath and the effects of those events. WOVR’s, IV’s and Rego’s are now part of my daily vocabulary. It does make me wonder. What can we do to reduce those weather events? Not expecting that a bigger (world wide) event was about to happen….

In case you are interested: WOVR = written off vehicle register, IV = insured vehicle, Rego = registration

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